March 2018

Holiday season is well and truly over and it's back with a vengeance to the workshop!   There are a few new items on the shelves in the Crocosaurus Cove shop, and I've had plenty of other commissions too through the market.  I still love my Saturday mornings, catching up for a chat with lots of friends and acquaintances, and getting good feedback on my work.  There just never seems to be enough hours in the week to produce as many new pieces as I'd like.  I'm hoping that I will get really proficient with some familiar templates and be able to pump out a bit bit more, although its a trade-off with keeping everything original and unique.  

This year I've decided to treat myself in July and attend the Dimensions in Leather Conference in Brisbane, where I intend boning up on my braided lace techniques and cracking the formidable Turk's Head knot!  The mid-winter cold is a bit daunting however, as we don't do jumpers here - no doubt I will be the badly-dressed fish out of water, but what the heck!

I have also been honoured recently in creating some custom knife sheaths for a talented local knife-maker.  This has been really enjoyable; another great craft connection made in our rural area - I love it!