In and Out of the Comfort Zone

I’m certainly comfortably established at my local rural market every Saturday. It’s my social life and my retail space. Having been intrigued for the last couple of years, I decided that it was time to get on and register for the bi-annual Dimensions in Leather Conference mid year in Brisbane. The climate was a bit uncomfortable, plus going there alone, but I found it a really enriching experience meeting people who enjoy the same craft. The tutors were great and I learnt lots of valuable skills and tips. Not to mention the fabulous trade fair!

The biggest challenge as a one person enterprise is producing enough pieces to make a nice looking stall. The upside is that lots of people have requested special items or renovations because they know where to find me.

My collaboration with Crocosaurus Cove’s retail shop has continued to be a terrific opportunity to use some lovely crocodile skins to make original pieces which will hopefully continue to flourish.

Soon my lovely new leathers and paints will arrive in the post, following my recent buying trip. I can’t wait to start making this year’s collection!